14 of Our Favorite Disney Dogs

14 of Our Favorite Disney Dogs



Max! This shaggy sheepdog was a giant bundle of love and orchestrated the initial meeting between Ariel and Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid.” How could we not fall in love with the happy-go-lucky pup? He was clearly rooting for Ariel the entire time, recognizing Ursula for the evil woman she was, and helping Eric to realize where his heart truly belonged.

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Slinky or “Slink” was Woody’s best toy pal through all of his time with Andy in “Toy Story.” Once Buzz Lightyear came into the picture, Slinky still stuck by Woody’s side. Friends ’til the end—that’s this dog’s motto! It was a great attitude to have, because the gang grew to love Buzz and the adventures continued for three “Toy Story” films.

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“My name is Dug, and I have just met you and I love you.” With those words, we loved Dug right back. The adorable talking pooch in “Up” kept us entertained from his very first scene with his goofy personality and his never-ending love of squirrels.


Is there a more memorable plate of spaghetti and meatballs anywhere in the world? We highly doubt it. Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a dog from the wrong side of the tracks, fell in love over an Italian dinner, and we fell in love right along with them.

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Goofy more than lives up to his name. Throughout all of his adventures with Mickey Mouse, the good-natured dog kept us rolling with laughter. His clumsiness was never not funny, and he was such a good dad to Max.


We’ll never understand why Pluto was an actual dog, but Goofy was able to walk and talk, even though he, too, was a dog. Regardless of this mystery, Pluto is still one of the most lovable pooches around. The fun-loving Pluto could always be found by Mickey’s side, and he was the best friend a man, or in this case, a mouse, could ask for!


A play. A novel. A musical. A movie. There have been so many versions of “Peter Pan” since J.M. Barrie first wrote the play in 1904, and through them all, Nana has been watching over the Darling children. There was a real-life Nana, too! The doting nanny was based on Barrie’s own Newfoundland dog, Luath.


Copper was one half of a most unlikely pairing in “The Fox and the Hound.” The bloodhound proved that supposed enemies can become the best of friends. Tod and Copper formed a lifelong bond as childhood pals, and although they met again as adversaries years later, their friendship is strong enough to survive all that time apart.

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Chief acted as Copper’s mentor during “The Fox and the Hound.” At first, he was wary of the new pup joining Slade’s hunting dogs. However, he grew to love Copper and taught him everything he knew about hunting. Chief also served as a father figure for the bloodhound.


Perdy, short for “Perdita,” and Pongo were the couple that started it all in “101 Dalmatians.” The perfect Dalmatian couple met, fell in love and then orchestrated a pairing between their owners so that they could be together. They then proceeded to prove what excellent parents they could be to puppies—101 to be exact. And we all know what happens next.


The most vocal of the Dalmatian puppies, Patch was their leader once they were taken by Cruella De Vil. Fond of chewing on carpets and barking at the TV, Patch was one fearless little puppy who helped his parents save his brothers and sisters—and best the evil Cruella.


The street-smart Jack Russell terrier befriends Oliver, the lost tabby kitten, in “Oliver & Company.” He is a crafty, confident dog who teaches Oliver the ways of living on the streets. Although he is a dog, the best way to describe Dodger would definitely be as “one cool cat.”


Bruno was Cinderella’s friend in her evil stepmother’s house. The caring dog was very good to Cinderella, but he definitely did not get along with Lucifer, the cat in residence. Because of his constant fights with Lucifer, Bruno was sent out of the house a lot. Poor guy! No matter what though, he stayed loyal to Cinderella.


The dog of “Beauty and the Beast” was more recognizable as a footstool. After first befriending Belle’s dad, he then becomes a pal to Belle herself during her time at the Beast’s castle. Sultan is a happy footstool, spending time frolicking in the snow with Belle and the Beast and playing with Chip. He eventually turns back into a dog, once the spell on the castle is lifted.